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Our East Memphis fitness studio is private to the public.  You may schedule appointments or visit by appointment only.  We can provide in-home personal training for people with special needs.  Please contact us today to visit or schedule an interview.

Are you looking for a personal training experience wherein you will not get hurt or feel pain?  You’re in the right place.  Our personal trainers teach people how to exercise without pain.  We teach people how to manage stress, and move with optimal efficiency.  Exercise will help you lose weight, improve mobility, build strength, and endurance.  Personal training is a journey in education, mutual respect, and practical exercise.  If you desire a healthy lifestyle, it’s a smart move to build a support system capable of meeting your needs.  The path to a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle begins with one step forward.  Please take a moment to find an exercise professional near you in our directory.

It is our purpose, as exercise professionals, to educate, coach, and serve you!  We create more value than we capture.  It is our secret of success.  We’re fortunate to have earned support from our local clients and friends.  Chances are, we may already know of each other through colleagues, family or friends.  If not, it is my sincere pleasure to get to know you!  A few of our clients in East Memphis share their thoughts of personal training with us.  Please consider what people have to say about us, and reach out with any questions or needs.  We’re here to help you. Reserve the best hour of your life today!

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Learn about Personal Training in Memphis!

Explore Personal Training in East Memphis

Understand why and how personal training has proven successful for many people.  Before contacting a personal trainer to start a new exercise program you might want to learn more about why, and how we can help you.  Our personal trainers in East Memphis teach people how to eat and exercise to lose body fat, reduce stress and high blood pressure, and maintain stable blood sugar.  We believe in sharing wholistic nutritional advice, evidence based exercise programming, and coaching with empathy, and optimism.  We earn trust, and credibility with a personal training client by listening, and communicating with kindness and candor.

We get to know you.  Client assessment begins with specific and actionable data collection and examination.  Our exercise professionals observe and test current physical, and emotional challenges.  The larger picture of weight loss, stress management and wellness serves as the foundational purpose for regular exercise.  We help people make small changes in their daily behavior to help them realize tangible health and fitness outcomes.  Because we have a track record of helping Memphians experience healthy weight loss and positive fitness outcomes, you should feel confident that we can help you experience similar results.  In the absence of preventable health risks, and in adherence to healthy eating and physical activity we can help you maintain a higher quality of life!

Get help starting a new exercise program in East Memphis. You don’t have to “be in shape” to begin an exercise program.   The task of a qualified personal trainer is to educate a client, and plan accordingly.  Adherence to best practices in nutrition, food portioning, healthier eating, and consistent meal planning, along with moderate to moderately-intense post-rehab regular exercise can literally save your life.   Has your doctor diagnosed you with a preventable illness or disease?  Are you managing diagnosed depression?  Are you overweight or obese? Do you manage hypertension, type 1 or type 2 diabetes?  Are you a Memphian looking for a personal trainer with extensive experience working with men and women managing stress, back pain, illness or disease?

Experienced personal trainers specialize in designing exercise programs for men and women managing post-rehab injury, health risks and physical challenges.  Explore common health risks, including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stress and anxiety, obesity, and tactics for losing weight.  We provide valuable information about lifestyle, weight loss, men’s and women’s fitness, exercise physiology, stress management, and the benefits of personal training.

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East Memphis Personal Training Learn About Managing Back Pain with Exercise!  

Learn about Personal Trainers in East Memphis

We find that our friends, personal trainers, and clients in Memphis live much like we do.  We work a lot; often too much.  Do you feel like there’s too much work, and too little daylight?  Do you skip meals, and find yourself overeating at dinner time?  Are you spending too much time at any of the fabulous restaurants throughout East Memphis, Midtown, and Downtown Memphis?  How many work related events have you prioritized above your health, and family this year?  Without embarrassment, how may pounds have you put on over the last ten years?  Are you having problems eating well, within food portions correct for your age and level of physical activity?  Are you exercising at least 5 days a week?

Fact — we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to perform.  Yet, our quality of life is most affected by our quality of health — not our possessions.  Our biology, psychology and social factors can influence our our health.  The way we think, and the way we act delivers either positive or negative health outcomes.  Thankfully, modern medicine and technology helps us manage illness. That said, for the most part, the choices we make determine our quality of health and fitness.

Are personal trainers in East Memphis so different than you?  The answer is no.  We’re like you.  We work long hours, we support our friends and family, and we’re far from perfect.  But we work on our challenges daily.  Some of use manage health conditions or illness.  Most personal trainers aren’t too concerned with “selfies” for social media!  We’re educated, well trained, and we care about extending courtesy, candor, and professionalism — like you.

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Managing depression, and Obesity with Exercise in East Memphis Learn About Depression, Obesity, and Weight Loss!  

Why did we create TribeLocus?

The fitness industry is a small but loyal industry.  Our lifetime exercise professionals are purpose driven. We help each other develop solutions for personal and commercial customers worldwide.

Our community is a tribe.  Our tribe is open, and we welcome you to ask questions and get answers to your fitness questions.  We welcome your suggestions, and your friendship.  If you are looking for personal trainers, exercise professionals or fitness education, we’re here to help.

Our directory of exercise professionals isn’t the biggest.  We’re not the first organization to bring professionals together.  That said, you should know that we’ve vetted every exercise professional we support.

Find a Personal Trainer Near You

If you need help developing a sustainable training or exercise program — you’re in the right place.  Would you like to speak with an exercise professional?  Are you ready to learn more about personal trainers throughout Shelby County, Tennessee?  Or are you looking for personal training or coaching in another city?  Today is a great day to take action!

It isn’t most important to us that you hire one of our fitness trainers in Memphis.  We want you to find help wherever you are.  We assess and support exercise professionals in many cities, outside of Shelby County, worldwide.  In fact, if you know of an excellent coach or personal trainer you’d like to refer to us, please do so using the form below.  We love to help other professionals working in well established personal training studios, health clubs, YMCA’s and gyms.

TribeLocus is a place to find help to improve your health, quality of life, and physical fitness.  We created TribeLocus, and several fitness apps, to support quality exercise experiences between clients and registered personal trainers in Memphis.  It’s important to us that our local clients and trainers continue to benefit from the use of our website.  However, we realized many years ago that people outside of our East Memphis physical location, or Shelby County service area, value our website and tools.  Any of our registered personal trainers, articles or videos can help you explore the benefits of exercise and personal training.

Outside of Shelby County or the Greater Memphis Area, exercise professionals practicing in many countries use our tools to help their clients.  Please use our tools (Calculators), articles, and videos to learn more about your needs, and goals.  These tools are not only very popular but they are credible.  Please review all citations supporting information offered on our website.  These tools serve to supplement the suggestions of your personal physician.

Have you considered personal training in Memphis or in a city near you?

If you aren’t getting excellent results, it may be time to learn something new.  Explore a bit.  If you need specialized attention or education, speak with a personal trainer.  Are you looking for a social fitness experience?  Talk with a group exercise instructor.  Aerial fitness, yoga and Pilates teachers offer small group or private experiences.  Reach out to our professionals, ask questions, and learn a bit about the depth of our industry in East Memphis, and elsewhere.

Our advice is to interview any of the exercise professionals we support.  Share your needs, expectations, and limitations with any of our exercise professionals.  A great personal trainer or coach will listen to you, and he or she will answer your questions with candor.  You’ll feel comfortable with starting a new exercise program once you’re well informed.  Remember to speak with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

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Exercise Programs and Diabetes Management East Memphis Learn About Managing Diabetes and Exercise!  

Get to Know Us.

By design, our tribe in East Memphis is a small part of a larger fitness ecosystem worldwide.  We want our tribe to continue to expand, and be inclusive of the best people and solutions in our industry.  This is why we support fitness industry leaders worldwide.

Are you a Memphian?  Do you live or work in East Memphis, or outside of Shelby County?  Either way, we want to help you. Are you an independent personal trainer or exercise professional?  Do you work with one of the leading brands in our industry?  People need your help.  The benefits of registering with us are well documented.  Get to know us by visiting LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Look for @derekcurtice — we love to connect!

Whether you were born and raised in Midtown, East Memphis, or you live on the other side of the planet, we’re here to support you!  We welcome club or studio operators, independent personal trainers, exercise professionals, exercise educators and coaches.  Do you teach yoga?  Are you a strength and conditioning coach? Do you teach pole or aerial exercise?  Are you a Pilates instructor?  Would your potential clients or members benefit from using fact based fitness tools free of charge?  Registered professionals may access and use our proprietary tools, technology, and other solutions.  To register your yoga, group fitness or personal training services and location, please contact Derek using the form provided below.

If you are a product manufacturer, dealer or distributor, let’s connect.  If you would like to work together to solve a challenge, you’ll see you’re in great company.  Industry leaders and problem solvers connect with us to reach a wider audience, and help more people.  From our modest location in Memphis, TN to just about everywhere you look online, you’ll see that we’ve earned an excellent reputation for leadership and advocacy.  We love to work with problem solvers!

You will love us as much for who we are not — as you will love us for who we are.  People say that managers do things right, while leaders do the right thing.  We always do the right thing.  Do you operate a YMCA, health club or gym?  Please contact Derek Curtice via LinkedIn to find out how we can help you.

Thank you for visiting TribeLocus — Where people find or share health, fitness, and exercise solutions for quality of life and experiences of a lifetime.℠

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