Tribe n. [trīb] : A group of people sharing an occupation, interest, or habit. We are a tribe committed to sharing lifetime fitness solutions. Locus n. [lōkəs] : A locality; a place. Where people find or shape health, exercise, and fitness culture for quality of life and experiences of a lifetime.

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We rise by lifting others.Robert Ingersoll

Hello, my name is Derek Curtice. We’ve been earning our local business with personal training customers and friends since 2003 in Memphis. I’m a family man, we live in Midtown, and I am responsible for managing the TribeLocus ecosystem. We support local Memphis business, and we buy local! Chances are, we may already know of each other through colleagues, family or friends. If not, it is my sincere pleasure to get to know you.

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We find that our friends, colleagues, and clients live much like we do. We eat a bit too much good southern food, but we love each other and our city! Although TribeLocus, as an organization helps people in cities worldwide — our brand, core values and company culture have been earned right here in Memphis, Tennessee!

Most of us realize achievements fulfill our lives. What we achieve allows us to meet our obligations and commitments. Our social standing, and personal expectations are important to our sense of self-esteem. Yet, our quality of life is most affected by our health. Our biology, psychology and social factors play a role in our health. Together these factors influence health risks and health outcomes. Modern medicine helps us manage illness. That said, our choices shape and balance the way we live.

What is quality of life? Are you ambitious, kind, and generous? Are you healthy and well? Are you happy? If so, great! If not, what can you do today to address one challenge in your life? Do you find yourself putting off things you could be doing to manage your physical health? If we’re being honest, these questions escape our immediate thoughts. But, most of us think about these things when challenged in life.

Exercise, mindful wellness, and daily practice of physical activity keeps us healthy. Nutrition and healthy meal planning is vital to sustained health. Are you exercising at the very least, 20 minutes a day? Do you exercise a bit more, at least 5 hours a week? If not, you’re missing out on lifetime fitness and health benefits.

That’s where we come in. We help people find lifetime fitness, performance, and quality of life solutions. If you need instruction, a coach or instructor can help you develop a safe exercise program. You can find a personal trainer, exercise coach, or group exercise instructor here. If you live or work in East Memphis, or Midtown Memphis, please contact me (Derek) directly using the form at the bottom of this page.

If you live or work outside of the Greater Memphis Area and you are looking for help from an exercise professional or personal trainer, please locate the search bar above and enter your city of choice above. No matter where you live, if you’d like to learn a bit about exercise type a question or search phrase into the box below.

Find articles and videos about health, fitness, and exercise.

The fitness industry is a small but loyal industry. Our lifetime exercise professionals are purpose driven. We help each other develop solutions for personal and commercial customers worldwide.

Our community is a tribe. Our tribe is open, and we welcome you to ask questions and get answers to your fitness questions. We welcome your suggestions, and your friendship. If you are looking for exercise professionals or fitness education, we’re here to help.

Our directory of exercise professionals isn’t the biggest. We’re not the first organization to bring professionals together. That said, you should know that we’ve vetted every exercise professional we support.

Find an exercise professional in the Greater Memphis Area or worldwide.

Founded in Memphis, TN in 2014, TribeLocus is a place to find help to improve your health, quality of life, and physical fitness. We share information about risk factors that can threaten health, fitness, and wellness. Collectively, we help people and organizations adopt credible exercise and fitness solutions.

If you need help developing a sustainable, and responsible exercise program — you’re in the right place. We provide access to exercise professionals and personal trainers worldwide. Look for an exercise professional here, or at your local personal training studio, health club, YMCA or gym. Find a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, aerial fitness, yoga or Pilates teacher today.

If you are an an independent exercise professional, or you work with one of the leading brands in our industry, people need your help. Complete the Exercise Professional Registration Form by clicking on the blue triangle located at the top right of this page to register in our directory.

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By design, our local tribe is a small part of a larger fitness ecosystem. We support fitness industry leaders worldwide. Operators, and managers of fitness facilities use our proprietary tools, technology, or other solutions we support.

If you are a manufacturer, dealer or distributor, let’s connect. If you would like to work together to solve a challenge, you’ll see you’re in great company. We love to work with problem solvers. We want to support you.

You will love us as much for who we are not — as you will love us for who we are. People say that managers do things right, while leaders do what is right. If you operate a YMCA, health club or gym, please contact me via LinkedIn or +1 (901) 644-4570 to find out how we can help you.

Thank you for visiting TribeLocus — Where people find or share health, fitness, and exercise solutions for quality of life and experiences of a lifetime.℠

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