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Tribe n. [trīb] : A group of people sharing an occupation, interest, or habit: we are a tribe of professional people dedicated to health and fitness. Locus n. [lōkəs] : A locality; a place: the place to find exercise professionals who help people exercise effectively, enjoy the benefits of being healthy, and engage in exercise experiences that inspire active living. —

Why hire a personal trainer?

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We find that our friends, colleagues, and clients are much like us — most of us realize at some point that while achievements can fulfill our ability to meet obligations and commitments, sense of social standing, personal expectations, and self-esteem — our quality of life is most affected by our health.

Lifestyle, genetic or biological influences, social or environmental, and emotional or psychological factors, together, play a role as determinants contributing to our relative health. Concepts related to persistency, procrastination, ambition, tolerance, and balance shape the way we live. If we’re honest, we all might admit that exploration of what makes us who we are and what makes us either embrace or reject a genuine appreciation of health, and our true quality of life, escapes our day-to-day thoughts.

That’s where we come in. A qualified personal trainer can teach you how to love living a more active lifestyle. You can find a great personal trainer, fitness or lifestyle coach, or group exercise instructor by typing your city of choice into the search box above. If you’d like to learn a bit about exercise type a question or search phrase into the box below.

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We want you to think about who you are. We want you to ask questions of yourself about your lifestyle, ambitions, health — and, yes, your physical and emotional fitness. Throughout this website you will find a balance of information about common health and fitness challenges, and you will find paths to solutions, including exercise and lifestyle changes, that may be attractive to you. We encourage you to learn more about health, fitness, and exercise equal to your current interests. Perhaps you are not interested in exercise (now) but you want to learn more about assessing your physical condition so that you can be better prepared to speak with your doctor about any concerns you might have. You may want to visit our calculators, obesity, diabetes, nutrition, or personal trainers sections by typing a question into the search box or selecting from the simple menu of titles above. At any point in our website you are one click away from asking questions or getting answers. Would you like to learn more?
You may be interested in exercise or innovations in world-class exercise experiences worldwide. If you exercise or you are an exercise professional — you’ll find people just like you who share your interests. You might want to communicate with a professional in our industry who develops exercise tools, equipment, education, or is a personal trainer. You might be a professional in the health and fitness industry responsible for solving challenges, exercise education, or developing multi-club environments and experiences for your facility members or clients. We created this website for you all … for each of you … and for ourselves. We, like you, know that life is what we make it. We believe that if we encourage people to think about health, happiness, and quality of life — we all will learn from, and appreciate, each other’s perspective, experiences and needs, ability to share solutions, and genuine contributions from which we all may benefit.

Find a personal trainer, yoga teacher, Pilates instructor, aerial exercise or pole fitness instructor, Crossfit or group exercise coach in the United States, and internationally.

TribeLocus is simply a place for anyone to find information about improving their physical fitness and learn about risk factors that can threaten your health, fitness, and wellness. TribeLocus is also a resource for people looking for help developing a sustainable, responsible, exercise program. So, we provide access to exercise professionals and personal trainers worldwide. Find a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, aerial fitness, yoga or Pilates teacher today.

By design, this environment is a small part of a larger fitness ecosystem deeply connected with professional people who provide solutions to many personal and commercial challenges facing individuals and fitness business operators. Professionals in our tribe lead our industry in areas of health, fitness, exercise, education, and the business of fitness.

If you are a fitness product manufacturer or exercise educator, and you would like to work together to solve a challenge, introduce credible products, or services, or partner in education, we want to hear from you. We believe you will love us as much for who we are not — as you will love us for who we are. People say that managers do things right, while leaders do what is right. We work to help you develop responsible fitness solutions for your home, your community, and your business — free of charge.

If you operate a fitness facility, or large chain of facilities, please contact me directly via LinkedIn (my link is at the bottom of this page). If you are a group exercise instructor, exercise educator or personal trainer offering professional fitness services, please register your business by filling out the form completely located below.

Thank you for visiting TribeLocus — Where people find or share health, fitness, and exercise solutions for quality of life and experiences of a lifetime.℠

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