Fitness Age calculator factors your age, gender, ethnicity, height & weight (BMI), resting heart rate, physical activity level, and estimated VO2 Max to determine your compared fitness age.

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This fitness age calculator uses formulas that are peer reviewed. The research used includes citations, and developed by real-world results. These tests result from extensive testing, research, and practical trial. The test you are about to explore will help you to realize your current physical standing.

Your physical fitness is a product of your cardiovascular fitness, lifestyle, dietary habits, sleep patterns, and physical activity. Your results contain information related to the answers you submit. There are many values explored related to exercise participation, and exercise intensity. Your geographic location, ethnicity, gender, and age is considered in relationship to other data entered. Your calculated maximum heart rate, and waist measurement is also evaluated. Your resting heart rate, and other body metrics conclude the necessary data input. This data, and calculated factors express your VO2 Max , or your cardiovascular fitness. We do not share your information, or results with anyone — period.

High Value Fitness Tools

This fitness tool will show you or your website visitors estimated VO2 max, fitness level, and predicted fitness age based on the information provided. The fitness age number can be much higher than your actual age in years — or much lower if you live a healthier lifestyle, eat well, and exercise regularly. In addition to the fitness age value, the testing results will give each person using the tool tips based on results that can help people lower health risk factors that can contribute to illness, including heart disease and premature death.

If you are an exercise professional, health club owner or operator, or vertical market fitness manager you may request your own version of this calculator for your website free of charge. These calculators have been designed to help your website visitors experience value on your website. These tools are designed to help you engage your website visitors and help them better assess their fitness level. When your website visitors see that they may have challenges to address they are more likely to contact you for help or advice.

There is no branding associated with the Fitness Age Calculator, or any of the other 10 calculators offered, each calculator is responsive to screen size and operating system. Responsive design ensures that your website visitors will be able to use the calculator on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, iPad, etc.), or a desktop, so any of the calculators will not interfere with the layout, look, or design of your website.

Very similar to the way Google Maps helps a website visitor find you, the fitness age calculator tool helps people find information about themselves. This is how you help people find useful information.

Only the responsive test will show (none of our text will be included). Your clients and website visitors will enjoy using it, stay on your website longer, and become more comfortable with reaching out to you because you have given your website visitor a valuable tool – and created an experience. If you show that you care about the people who visit your website, they will be more likely to contact you and ask for help.

If you are a certified personal trainer (CPT), registered yoga teacher (RYT), group exercise instructor, or otherwise qualified exercise professional — we want to support you! If you are an exercise instructor, please register your website, and business by clicking on the blue triangle in the top right corner of this page. We want people to find you, visit your website, and contact you for help.

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