Body Mass Index Calculator

This Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator is a tool used to estimate your potential health risks by classes and scores, between 18.5 and 30 or above, based on relative body weight and height.

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Your Body Mass Index is a measure of relative body fat based on your height and weight. Body Mass Index or BMI is a valuation of health based on likely measure of body fat compared to normal ranges among the general population. BMI is calculated by simply dividing weight by height. The resulting number indicates a standard of health based on a scale from 18.5, meaning underweight, to the limit of normal range at 24.9. A person is considered overweight between 25 and 29.9, or obese at 30 and above. It is essential to remember that BMI is one tool used to assess health and body fat. Body Mass Index calculations for athletes, older people, and children will vary greatly. BMI values for adults between 25 above 30 is, however, a strong indicator of risk for heath problems. You should consult your doctor for precise indication of health risks. Your doctor may require additional tests including blood tests, assessment of diet, exercise habits and lifestyle, health and family health history, and other standard metrics used to indicate health risks.

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