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Find a personal trainer in Memphis. Simple. Not really. If you are not happy with your current personal trainer, and you want to explore working with a new personal trainer in Memphis — consider scheduling an appointment with personal trainer, and life coach, Derek Curtice.

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Personal Trainer, Derek Curtice

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Memphis? Perhaps you’ve had a great experience with your personal trainer in Memphis, but he or she is moving on, and referred you to me. Have you had exercise experiences with your current personal trainer leaving you feeling frustrated or unsatisfied? Either way, you’ll likely want to learn more about how I may be able to help you.

I bring up this point because I, too, have made plenty of mistakes over the last 20 years in my work as a personal trainer. In my early years, I simply took on more than I could handle, worked too much, and struggled to prioritize life goals, and my health proportionately. To my credit, I’ve learned a great deal from these life experiences. I’ve been told that when I made mistakes, they were “of the head”, never from my heart. Perhaps, this means that I’m just like you … learning, improving, growing, and embracing help from others along the way.

Exercise Experiences

I understand challenges facing folks when looking for a fresh start with a new local personal trainer. We invest time, trust, and energy into relationships. When folks we trust move away from Memphis, move on to other things, or fail us in some way, it can be difficult to “start over”.

It is true that personal trainers, for the most part, offer their experience in service to the genuine benefit of others. Regrettably, there are many reasons why personal trainers fail over extended periods of time. It has been my passion, and responsibility, to mentor personal trainers in Memphis, and worldwide. However, it has been my ultimate pleasure to work with local folks here in Memphis, many of whom you may know, one-on-one, to develop and maintain exercise experiences worthy of my clients’ time, energy, and trust.

Please ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Is your personal trainer trustworthy?
  • Are you assigned exercise machine circuits only?
  • Are receiving poor value for your investment?
  • Have you performed exercises that feel unsafe?
  • Have you reached key goals in a reasonable time span?
  • Do you ever feel “cheated” after a personal training session?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you owe it to yourself to either raise your expectations related to your personal training experience, or explore working with a more accomplished personal trainer.

If your personal training session begins with 10 minutes warm-up on a cardio machine, or treadmill, followed by a series of exercises accomplished by using machines only, then roughly 10 – 15 minutes of “stretching” — you are not learning anything valuable about what your body is capable of doing. And, you are not likely to see remarkable change in your body or physical health.

At any age, your body is a miracle. Your body maintains ultimate physical fitness when it is stimulated and conditioned properly. Although general standards related to frequency, intensity, and duration of exercise are the foundation of most beginning exercise programs, it is ultimately full exploration of your body’s true abilities, and limitations, that help direct a personal trainers strategy for helping you to become more flexible, stronger, functionally physically fit, and able to maintain your ideal bodyweight.

This happens by exploring “weak links” in your ability to move, without undue stress, in an effective, efficient, and safe manner. Human movement is studied to explore muscular imbalances, or other challenges related to movement efficiency. Exercise patterns help us, as personal trainers, to explore inefficiency in movement that would suggest physical structural, or muscle, inequality. When muscles cannot do their job, the stress of movement falls on supporting muscle groups that become overloaded causing strain, injury, and weakness. This is often the result of poor exercise programming. The result can be realized in a variety of ways, including low back pain, knee pain, and frequent shoulder or neck pain and/or weakness.

A comprehensive exercise program begins with proper assessment of lifestyle, emotional challenges, physical and relational challenges (e.g., support systems), and a detailed consensus of your challenges, expectations, and previous results. Next, we look at very practical aspects of your current medical health, and physical condition. Then we build a strategy for addressing challenges in each area expressed above. It’s fair to say, if you are completing “circuits” of exercises based on a set number of exercise machines — you are not fully exploring or changing your current physical and emotional health, and fitness. These things cannot be assessed, or addressed, by using only one exercise modality (e.g., using only circuit machines). If your workout seems very segmented, rather than a deliberate, whole body exercise experience — you may not be exploring other exercise modalities that can produce excellent physical and emotional responses necessary for whole body physical fitness.

Yes, I am writing these thoughts to motivate you to assess your current experiences and needs — you might not be happy with your personal trainer. If you are not happy, I encourage you to assess your relationship and experience introspectively. My hope is that you will challenge your personal trainer to provide more value in his or her service. If the value isn’t there — it’s time to move forward and work with a personal trainer who can meet your needs and expectations.

If you are not proactively exploring the steps mentioned above, related to whole body movement efficiency, you are not participating in a true personal training experience. If you are not learning something new every workout, or your personal trainer is not making an effort to invest into your learning experience, you are not benefiting fully from a true coaching, or personal training relationship. And, you may be endangering yourself by actually creating muscular imbalances that can create greater challenges for you as you age. If what I’ve stated above doesn’t sound familiar to you, or you are not convinced that your personal training experience is based on sound programming, it’s time to explore a little further.

With humility, I may be exactly who you are looking for, and with just a little due diligence you will find that I’ve earned my position, and trust, over many years. I have earned respect, friendships, and professional recommendations based on consistent hard work. From West to East, in Midtown Memphis, East Memphis, Germantown, Bartlett, Lakeland, Arlington, and Cordova — I have played a strong role in changing lives.

About Me

I am a professional exercise educator. As a personal trainer, I work with folks to help them reclaim physical and emotional health. In short, I help people correct muscular imbalances, build core strength, manage stress, and maintain ideal body weight and physical fitness. I do not offer “quick weight loss” programs or “fitness boot camps”. If we work together — we both have chosen to be committed to excellence. No short cuts, no gimmicks. I am the principal and founder of both Simple Fit and Tribe Locus — both advocacy and support organizations for exercise professionals worldwide. It has been my greatest honor over the last 20 years, or more, to learn and share the lessons I have learned about building people up, motivating people to succeed, and sharing all of the little things that help all of us feel appreciated, and prosperous.


Challenges facing folks of all walks of life, income and social status, and geographic location, are exposed to the effects of living a sedentary lifestyle. Being inactive, adopting poor dietary habits, and regular eating, inadequate stress management, and absence of regular physical activity, increase health risks directly linked to premature aging, poor health, death, and serious decline in quality of life. These challenges, along with ineffective coaching, and declining support systems, can lead you to health risks including heart disease, diabetes (sharp increase of type II diabetes), hypertension, being overweight, and/or obesity.

Tip: take the “fitness age” test. We created this test based on cited clinical research, peer reviewed data, scrutinized over many years by research scientists and exercise physiologists. In short, it is a credible tool used for assessing your current physical fitness and health risks. These challenges to health have placed a serious burden on both preventative health practitioners and medical communities alike to develop cooperative relationships in order to help people live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

It is my personal mission to work with people as a personal trainer, and life coach, in effort to help people incorporate daily exercise, and a strategy of better eating, and stress management, to fulfill ambitious and “real world” lifestyle goals. Specifically, I coach people to recognize behavior that contributes to illness, depression, and disease. With real world information, assessment, and discovery, together, we can develop the most practical route to balanced physical fitness and happiness. As a personal trainer, I educate and instruct people to utilize safe, effective, and established motivational techniques, and exercise modalities. Together we can embrace current developments in exercise physiology and human movement, that work best to address physical limitations, emotional needs, and balanced expectations. Together we can develop a wholistic health and fitness program, and strategy for developing diet, lifestyle, and exercise solutions, to improve your exercise experiences, health, fitness, and lifestyle.


If you are inclined, or limited, to exercise in your home, I offer in-home personal training services and I provide all necessary exercise equipment, and accessories necessary for your personal exercise program. Additionally, we have a physical location in East Memphis, just off I240, convenient to the West from Midtown Memphis, to the East, within minutes, convenient to, and from, Germantown, TN. Our well appointed fitness facility includes all of the commercial equipment available in commercial gyms, and health clubs, yet it is quiet, closed to the general public, and reserved purposefully to people who enjoy the intent and purpose of personal training — special attention, a true education, and exercise experiences not common in large, crowded, health clubs designed for public use.

We strive year after year to improve value in my services as a personal trainer in Memphis. Not only do my clients enjoy the exercise experiences I prepare and coach daily, my clients feel safe parking in a secure covered parking structure. The privacy and security afforded to my clients is well worth my investment into a quality personal training studio. People do not see advertising, nor do I publicize our location because I believe my clients deserve ultimate privacy, security, and exercise experiences worth remembering, and adopting — lifelong.


My schedule is your schedule. Because there are only 8 hours in a typical working day, I encourage people to select the most appropriate time to prioritize exercise daily. When you have selected appointment times and dates, they will not be interrupted, or rushed. I simply schedule personal training sessions based on your needs. I do not hold large group training classes. I work with one person at a time until we have reached our goals. I sincerely pride myself in my history of service with folks based on pure need. In short, “When” is up to you.


This is a brilliant question. “Why” .. why would you look for a new personal trainer in Memphis? If you are still reading this page — you may already know. Perhaps you’re ready for a change, or a greater challenge. Maybe you are looking for a personal trainer who is better educated, better prepared, more experienced? Have you achieved your goals? Is your personal trainer doing his or her best to motivate you? Is your personal trainer maintaining authenticity? Have you tried working out with other personal trainers in Memphis — and given up? So, why? Perhaps your “why” is closely related to my life’s work, and service to folks here in Memphis. Are you happy, healthy, and living the lifestyle you want to live? If not, let’s explore “why” together.

Although my primary love and responsibility to people I know and trust, in Memphis, is to work together to develop responsible, fun, and effective exercise experiences, I also work in our industry on the commercial side. These efforts help professionals everywhere adopt elements of my philosophy for sharing good things, information, and great experiences.

TribeLocus is simply a place for anyone to find information about improving their physical fitness and learn about risk factors that can threaten your health, fitness, and wellness. TribeLocus is also a resource for people looking for help developing a sustainable, responsible, exercise program. So, we provide free access to articles and videos covering exercise physiology, exercise programming, nutrition, health risks, and better health, and fitness tactics, and strategies accepted throughout our industry. By design, this environment is a small part of a larger fitness ecosystem deeply connected with professional people who provide solutions to many personal and commercial challenges facing individuals and fitness business operators.


Why Me?

My parting suggestion is to ask around … talk with friends and family. Do a little homework, read what others have to say about my life’s work with folks like you, here in Memphis, and reach out to me when you’re ready to learn more about how I can help you. If you would like to learn more about what I do, or you would like to connect with me professionally, please visit my LinkedIn page, or simply contact me directly. Life is short — be bold, live well!

I believe you will love my service as much for who I am not — as you will love my service for who I am. It has been said that managers do things right, while leaders do what is right. I solve problems. When I make a mistake, I correct it. I work to help you develop responsible fitness solutions, and exercise experiences worth learning, and remembering.

I can be reached best by email, so please, contact me at your convenience to speak about your needs, ambitions, and exercise experiences. Together, we will benefit from sharing new perspectives, challenges, and solutions in your quest to feel and look your absolute best!

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